Past Events

23-26 January 2017 QA Peer Learning Stakeholders Workshop in Yerevan, Armenia

From 23rd to 26th January, 2017 The National Centre for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation (ANQA) hosted in Yerevan the QA Peer Learning Stakeholders Workshop, activity included in WP4.

The workshop and meetings were conducted and monitored by representatives of the project Coordinator University of Macerata (UNIMR), ANQA, Student Partnerships in Quality Scotland (SPARQS), European Students’ Union (ESU) and attended by students and employees of Quality Assurance Division from the Armenian University of Economics (ASUE).

12 - 15 December 2016 Study visit in Madrid, Spain

The Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR) organized a study visit for Armenian students from 12th to 15th December 2016 within WP4 activities, according to the work plan.

On behalf of the host University a team built by quality management staff, professors, and student support staff organized the meetings with six Armenian students, three coming from the National Polytechnic University of Armenia (NPUA) and the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts (YSAFA) and the SPARQS representative.

7 - 10 November 2016 Study visit in Bucharest

  • Within ESPAQ Work Package 4 Spiru Haret University hosted 3 students from NUACA, Armenia and 3 students and one staff member from ESU, Belgium.
  • The study started on Monday 7th of November 2016 by presenting how the quality management system works at SHU and by presenting higher education quality assurance related aspects from different European countries (Poland, Finland, Croatia and Moldova).
  • During the second day of the event the participants visited Didactica SHU campus where further presentations and discussions regarding the SHU study programs took place. Worth mentioning is also the meeting of the participants to the study visit with SHU students, discussing quality assurance related issues.
  • In the third day of the event, the participants visited the Berceni SHU campus, were practical issues concerning the elaboration of the Internal evaluation report were discussed and exercises were carried on regarding the involvement of students in QA in higher education.
  • Finally, on the fourth day of the meeting there were discussions regarding the institutional evaluation and the participants to the study visit carried on further exercises together with SHU students.

17-20 October 2016 Study visit in Macerata

In the framework of WP4 activities University of Macerata and, specifically, the Department of Education Science, Cultural Heritage and Tourism is hosting 6 Armenian students from ASPU and ASUE for a one week study visit. The visit will start on 17 October and will involve different actors: administrative officers involved in quality assurance procedures at different levels, faculties and students. The simulations that will take place will be supported and guided by David Scott (SPARQS) and the team of University of Macerata in a very collaborative approach in order to make Armenian students able to fully experience the peculiarities of the Italian context. A number of Italian students has been selected to act as "buddies" and accompany Armenian students in their experience.

Training event 13th September – 15th September 2016

The training event organized within work package 4 will take place at ANQA headquarters (– ANQA - National Centre for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation, 22 Orbeli Brothers Street (Building of Institute of Physiology), 9th floor, the Meeting Hall, Yerevan, Armenia) between 13th and 15th of September 2016.
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