Erevan - ESPAQ - Final Conference, November 12th, 2017

WP 6.2 Dissemination Final Conference

On November 14th, 2017 in Yerevan was organized the ESPAQ Final Conference. The final conference drew the conclusions, presented the results and outcomes of the project and encouraged sharing the experiences of the project not only with the Armenian stakeholders, but also with the European level ones.

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WP 6.5 Campaigning materials for students engagement in QA

 Within the framework of the Espaq Project, between October 7th and November 5th 2017 has been organized the contest STUDENTS CREATIVE POSTER. The Armenian students participants drafted posters containing original ideas promoting students' involvement in Quality Assurance. There have been presented 18 posters. The posteres were assessed by a jury made up of representatives of the European partners in the project. 


Posters for promoting students' involvement in QA in HE in Armenia

Here you can download the posters participating in the "Students' creating posters contest", ESPAQ Final Conference Yerevan, November, 12th, 2017


Here you can find the centralized results of the students participants in the "Students Creative Poster Contest", ESPAQ Final Conference Yerevan, November, 12th, 2017.